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GPU Mining is a simple Free Bitcoin Mining Cloud, It's Super Simple. Your cloud mining hardware is ready, set up and running. Start GPU mining Now!

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It's simple, No Name, Email Address or Personal Identity required. Just start with the bitcoin wallet address and boost your mining income!


Add Bitcoin Wallet Address

Signup with a bitcoin wallet address. It will start instant mining. It's a basic plan. Next, upgrade to premium plant to increase your mining speed.


Start Mining

Once you signup, You can check everything on your Dashboard as we are super transparent. Next, Upgrade to premium plan to earn more bitcoins.


Upgrade Your Plan

Free Plan is available for all miners. Our Premium plans ensure high-speed mining, with higher performance, Get high-profit revenue.

About GPUmining

Award-Winning Free Cloud Mining Platform.

GPUmining is one of the oldest, experienced fast bitcoin cloud mining platform.

All in one bitcoin mining platform, build for miners, by miners. GPUmining is a free cloud mining service created by the good experience developers and a specialist from GPUmining in 2017. GPUmining takes a short time to become one of the largest providers of hashing power for free fast bitcoin mining.

From 2018, GPUmining focuses on verify of mining equipments, which helps all miners to earn free bitcoin in a short time.

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The Team of GPUmining always working hard to provide simplicity and transparency to not only for crypto-enthusiasts but also for those who are new in the bitcoin mining industry. That can achieve through tremendous work made by specialists, developers, and engineers of the company. We have more than 2, 00, 000 active miners, we are happy to succeed in providing free mining services.

If you have any queries, questions regarding the free cloud mining services of GPUmining or free bitcoin mining in general, our experienced support team will be happy to answer. You can also find frequently asked question sections on this page. All individual questions related to bitcoin mining can be resolved by submitting a message to our highly qualified 24/7 support team.



Enhanced account Security

Bitcoin and data in your accounts are well secured. You'll be the person who has only access to your newly mined bitcoins.

Stable Server Connectivity

Cloud mining and bitcoin pool mining requires a professional approach. Our mining pool and cloud infrastructure are highly secured servers located worldwide.

Instant Withdrawal

Once you reach the minimum threshold, You can withdraw and receive it instantly. First Payout in 24 hours.

Instant Connect

Simple, Signup and mining start instantly. In case of an upgrade, Mining starts immediately after confirmed payment.

Low Maintenance Fees

We are transparent, No hidden commission or fees. All the transaction is visible to you.

Latest Hardware

We are using the Latest ASIC miner chips & Fastest GPU. We ensure high-speed mining experience to all miners with highly advanced technology.

Start Bitcoin Mining with GPUmining

GPUmining is leading free bitcoin mining and free cloud mining service provider in the world. Our highly experienced professional team has strong Willpower in the long term future of cryptocurrency. They are dedicated to making free mining accessible to all users, regardless of age, experience, location & investment.

Suprmining is a group company of 500+ highly qualified professionals and 5 mega data centers with experience of more than 5+ years in data center industries.

Our developer team is coming from expertise in a different field and regularly monitor the latest innovation and trying to implement them to ensure high investment return to investors. At the GPUmining we are using the latest ASIC's(Application-specific integrated circuit) and GPU Mining rig (Graphics Processing Unit) to generate high-profit returns with high efficiencies.


Our maintenance team taking care of all mining hardware and equipment. We did regular maintenance so that we can provide a high speed, excellent capacity, and performance. If you want to earn free bitcoin, GPUmining is the best platform for free BTC mining. Our Latest GPU, ensure high-speed GPU Mining. Our GPU Bitcoin mining can help you to double up your investment in a short time. Our specially designed infrastructure can help the user to earn free bitcoin from our basic plans and can earn free bitcoin from our powerful affiliate program. If you are new to bitcoin? Earn bitcoin free from world free bitcoin miner.

You can start bitcoin mining online, From any corner of the world, you can generate bitcoin from free bitcoin generator. As our data center is available worldwide, which ensure bitcoin mining online with the latest ASIC's and GPU. GPUmining is the fastest bitcoin miner, which provides services like bitcoin auto mining free, free bitcoin generator, bitcoin cloud mining free, free fast bitcoin mining, GPU bitcoin mining, bitcoin mining online, etc. What are you waiting for! start free mining with the best bitcoin miner and get free BTC from free bitcoin cloud mining platform.

affordable packages

Our Best Investment Plans.

get 0.004 btc for

V 1.0

BTC/Minute : 0.00000200

BTC/Day : 0.00144

Affiliate Bonus : 30 %

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get 0.04 btc for

V 2.0

BTC/Minute : 0.00002100

BTC/Day : 0.01512

Affiliate Bonus : 40 %

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get 0.4 btc for

V 3.0

BTC/Minute : 0.00021000

BTC/Day : 0.1512

Affiliate Bonus : 50 %

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get 1.5 btc for

V 4.0

BTC/Minute : 0.00126000

BTC/Day : 0.9072

Affiliate Bonus : 100 %

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What They Said.

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GPU Mining is real paying bitcoin free mining company. I tried many bitcoin mining companies and they scammed me of my money. They never paid. But paid me the next day after i have upgraded my account thanks, you have mad a long tern customer. Keep it up. You are honest

Bree R. Greer

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I just want to say they deliver as they promise and even quicker should I say. I have to admit there are a lot of website.

Emilie Knudsen

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I didn’t believe after reading all those comments and reviews on the internet, that you are legit, but I tried to prove by myself, and when I received my 1st payment after started mining here on GPU Mining. I am so happy now, and upgraded and waiting for the second one.

Steffen Muench


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